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 Kate's Babes!
Gemma Tomasi
 Posted: Nov 11 2016, 08:50 PM



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25 years old





Gemma Tomasi

Kate's characters; in alphabetic order.
Gemma Alena Tomasi

25 //
Prison Sentence: 30 Years //
Charges: Reckless Grievous Bodily Harm, Drug Trafficking//
Bisexual // Bea Smith's Crew

Gemma Alena Tomasi was born in Venice, Italy as the last of three children to her Italian father and Swedish mother, Francesco and Jewels Tomasi. She was a charming child, sweet, loving, almost everything you could want in a daughter. Though obedient, she did show a defiant streak that everyone said she would outgrow in time but it seemed as she grew her defiance did as well.

Francesco came from a military family, and expected complete order, control and discipline in all things. Conversely, her mother was an artist, who loved freedom, beauty and independence. Needless to say, there was a lot of friction in their marriage, but they were the picture of opposites attracting as they truly loved each other as well as all of their children, but they loved Gemma the most, most likely because she was their youngest. Instead of being jealous, her siblings adored and doted upon her as well, nicknaming her Gems, which stuck for everyone except her father, he called her Allie

Gemma learned quickly that dad was firm and mom was flexible and so would ask her mother for permission, knowing that Jewels would likely not ask any details. Her system worked fairly well, until things started to change when Gemma turned twelve. Her father got laid off from work, and with the other two children out of the house, he began to find fault with anything and everything Gemma did, wore or said. The roars of ‘Allie' filled the house more often than not, but Gemma soon learned to ignore them. Following that, Francesco began calling her Gemma, or ‘the girl’ more often than not, following it with beatings with a belt. Jewels, distracted and distant found more and more reasons to be gone for extending periods of time, for Art shows, or gallery exhibitions, leaving Gemma behind with her father.

Gemma began acting out, smoking, drinking, being caught in the bathroom at school having a threesome. As the beatings intensified, she found more and more opportunities to not come home, though it was always worse when she eventually had to come home. At fifteen, Gemma was arrested for stealing a car, and after her parents picked her up from the police station, a fierce argument ensued. Francesco refused to have her in his house, and Jewels refused to allow him to throw her out into the street. Gemma was confined to her room for a week, being brought her meals and being allowed out twice a day to use the bathroom before being brought back to her bare room. At the end of the week, a decision had been made. Gemma was being sent to Australia to live with Francesco’s cousin’s family until she was 18, then she was on her own. Gemma’s flight was the next day, and her silent father and weeping mother were the last sights she seen before the plane departed.

Arriving in Australia was an adventure for her, and her head was spinning with the new found freedom she seemed to have. When she met her father’s cousin, she realized that she was not in for a pleasant time. His family couldn’t speak a word of Italian, and their method to teach her English was slapping her face every time she spoke Italian, until she said the correct English word. Gemma was a fast enough study, and became fluent within the year though she often wore the marks shamefully. Friends were easy enough to make for the pretty Italian girl, and she soon fell into a similar crowd as she had in Italy. She began selling cocaine, insisting that her contacts and clients called her ‘Allie’. Gemma took satisfaction in using the pet name her father had had for her as a way to insult him, whether he knew it or not.

At seventeen, Gemma decided that she wasn’t going to tolerate living with her father’s family anymore and made her way to the bus stop, heading for parts unknown to her. A man, in his early thirties approached her, and soon enough it became clear that he knew her from her drug dealing. He offered to let her live with him in exchange for drug trafficking for him. She agreed, and moved in, graduating high school and enrolled in college. She lived with him for two and a half years, until she was twenty.

When she was twenty, Gemma decided that she no longer wanted to live with him, and she promptly moved out without a word, just taking her stuff while he was at work. She finished her psychology degree, and in the mean time to support herself, she had returned to dealing. Quickly, Gemma rose through the ranks of dealing, and formed her own crew of drug runners and enforcers. She was living the fast life when one night she recieved a call from one of her runners, who said they had been robbed and attacked. Gemma swiftly loaded up her car with weapons, and tracked down the man and woman who had robbed him, beating them both with a bat, before stomping on the woman's face until her jaw broke. If Gemma had left their house five minutes earlier, she wouldn't be in prison now.

A neighbor had heard the commotion and called the police who responded swiftly, and quickly arrested Gemma for Reckless Grievous Bodily Harm, and following talking to the victims and learning that she was a drug dealer, the police raided one of her stash houses and added the additional charge of Drug Trafficking. Gemma has since been sentenced to 30 years in Wentworth for her crimes.

Gemma has been at Wentworth for 6 months, and upon her arrival she was placed in H block with Bea Smith, and the other lovely ladies. She quickly struck up a friendship with Maxine, and the other ladies, before becoming friendly with Bea. She quickly became aware of Bea's no-drugs policy, and to be honest, found it refreshing, compared to her previously life on the outside. Gemma has proved her loyalty as an enforcer for Bea, since the other women in the prison know about her drug trafficking past, and have been less secretive towards her about drugs in the prison, which prior to being on Bea's crew, resulted in Gemma giving them a physical reminder as to Bea's rules. This resulted in her joining Bea's crew, something she was happy about. Gemma's work detail is in the kitchens, which has often been used for drug smuggling, and she keeps a watchful eye upon it

Gemma is a very independent, and free spirited woman, who values loyalty. She is extremely protective of her friends, and would do anything to help them. She has a good heart, though those that know her on a business level wouldn’t think so. Gemma is outgoing, and charismatic. She’d also have a lot of dealer friends/contacts, though they would know her as Allie, unless they were already friends. Gemma can also be aggressive and outspoken, but deep down she can be sensitive to those close to her, although she would probably kick anyone's ass who said it.

I could see Gemma with her fair share of enemies as well, especially those who are against Bea, insult Gems or someone she cares about, and disrespectful people.

Gemma loves the ladies, so hit me up, I'm wide open for anything!

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