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 Posted: Oct 30 2016, 10:30 PM



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This site has an RPG rating of: user posted image

Wentworth is a mature role playing forum based on the tv show "Wentworth" which is an adaptation of "Prisoner: Cell Block H". We allow any type of language. Sex is allowed as well as a few descriptions but do not go into explicit details, this goes for violence as well. As for now Wentworth is not an 18+ website, but some time in December we will receive premium which will make the website 18+ and allow any type of content.

General Rules
  • You must register an OOC account first and check in so that we can keep track of who plays who.
    When you register your OOC account username, please do not use profanity in your name. Also make sure you do not have any variation of "Guest" in your username, as that will be confusing to both Admins and Members.
  • No trolling, or harassing other members on the forums or in the chatbox. Racist, sexist, or homophobic comments will not be tolerated and will result in a warning and/or full site ban.
  • No spamming on the forum or chatbox.
  • The Chatbox is an ad-free zone where members can chat and plot. No advertising please. We have an advertising section of our forum that is guest-friendly, so if you'd like to post an ad, you can do so there.
  • If you write on other sites, that's great! We encourage our members to write anywhere they want. Please do not talk excessively about other sites and link those sites in the CBOX. The chat services here are intended for Wentworth chat and general OOC talk.
  • Do not impersonate another writer on the forums or in the CBOX
  • Both original and canon characters are allowed here. But if you register for a canon character you will need to post an RP sample so that we know you will be able to play this character correctly.
  • You must have at least one approved Character application to start participating in IC threads or post a Want Ad and a Plotter. You must have a link to your application in your mini-profile. Use the "Edit Profile" setting to input the link to your sheet. Before you apply, make sure you read all the Application Rules
  • Killing or mutilating another character is not allowed without express permission from your writing partner
  • Be realistic in your role play. No god moding or meta gaming
  • Plagiarism of other writers’ work will not be tolerated
  • We reserve the right to archive characters who have been inactive for over a month. This goes for their creations as well. Why do we do this? We prefer to have our members browse a Compendium filled with active players who are around to answer questions about their creations. If your character has been archived in error, please reach out to staff and we will retrieve them for you.
Image Rules
  • You must have an avatar that represents your character in use on your character accounts. Avatars must be 250px x 400px. If your avatar is not the correct size, you may be asked to crop it. There are many online image croppers out there. One we recommend is LunaPic.
  • You may put images in your applications or posts but they may be no wider 500px
  • Signature files must be no larger than 500px wide and 300px high
  • There is an optional image for your User Profile that is 250px wide by 100px high.
Thread Rules
  • There is no word count on Wentworth, but we do ask that you try to have at least 300 words.
  • Threads operate on liquid timelines. That means that your character can be in as many threads as you'd like at the same time.
  • When you post a thread, make sure you mark it "Public" or "Private" so others know whether or not they can join. If it's ask to join, please indicate it in the thread title or tag
  • When joining a thread, you may join any thread marked "Public" without asking the thread starter.
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